An exciting event in which creativity, commitment and team communication were integrated in 4 ingenious workshops!

40 people, 4 teams and 4 different themes: Raw Food Cooking, semiprecious jewelry, textile printing and painted pottery.
A competition in which creativity was expressed in ways totally unexpected!
At the end, a large team of 40 enthusiastic people who were connected in joint projects, full of energy of exciting challenges that were never been exposed until then!

What have we experienced?
New information interactive delivered in the Raw Food Cooking workshop. New and unexpected tastes from fruits and raw vegetables? Health, energy and taste?
Yes, mission solved! The whole team was involved in creating the recipes: information and action went hand in hand and in the end we got a tasty and healthy result in the Fresh FOOD FUNworkshop!

The creator challenge: beads, chains, pliers …. these were used by the creators of the jewelry. This was the first attempt of the team involved in the Jewelry workshop, that had to be familiar with a technique that they never tried before! Inspired or less inspired, ladies or gentlemens, everyone involved in this joint project were captured by theenergy to create jewelry models, withtheir own forces, in maximum two hours!

The results exceeded the expectations of the participants and of the lecturers!
The team creatives have joined forces in two projects with focus on imagination and courage … art! Painted pottery workshop and textile printing workshop have forced the participants to enter the position of the plastic artists, and to act accordingly! The contact with information, materials, new specific techniques and a lot of courage to let creativity flow naturally, these were the challenges for team creativity!


Jewelry photosPainted ceramic photosTextile printing photosRaw food photos