When the adults are running, the children are working … and not only! TheHobby was near the children of the Petrom employees by organizing a large event which meant fun and creativity workshops with topics for kids: inflatable slides, animation, 6 workshops and over 150 children who had fun and learned during 2 full days!

Venetian Masks workshop
A workshop in which we had 100% creativity and imagination and where children explored the play of color and texture. They also painted and decorated Venetian masks, juggling with sequins, feathers and colors in strong contrasts.

Heroes with colored capesworkshop
A workshop for decoration and accessories capes, in similar fashion of the heroes from animation and movies, in which children learned to personalize asymbol object in the colors and design themes of the favorite superheros.

Superhero masksworkshop
Masks are the preferred accessory when children want to identify themselves with beloved characters. Along with lecturers, children learned to create and accessorize masks to get them closer to the world of beloved characters.

FUN Face Painting workshop
Face Painting workshop generated surprise reactions and a lot of joy! With the help of professionals, the children became characters from the favorite stories or the preffered superheroes. The paintings were made with professional water-based paints, specially designed for the sensitive skin of the children.

Extra activities during both days: drawing, coloring, painting, including working and specific materials.