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It’s easy to be like others. It’s easy to do as everybody does. To follow the path that others have chosen for you. Yet, all of us have a style. Each of us is unique in his own way. Therefore, the personal style workshop, we not just talk about the trends in makeup and clothing. We know that to be yourself is the greatest gift. At the personal style workshop, it’s a gift that you learn to accept it.
In life, as in business, style is everything. Learn to live and earn with the same elegance at the personal style workshop!

WORKSHOP DETAILS “Personal style”

This workshop gives us advice and concrete answers to the questions we ask ourselves every day and that we always expect an answer. Do you have many clothes, but in the morning you do not know how to dress? How to choose from your the closet to be put in value? What style suits you? What could you do to stand out? What color suits you best? The list is endless. You should know, however, that for each of your questions, there is an answer! Together, we do astyle exercise and at the end there will be no unknow, only solutions. Thereby, students will identify their type of silhouette, they will receive advice from the lecturer and will receive its own color palette that will favor them!




What say theHobby learner.

  • First of all, the Bread Workshop is a unique course, nowhere to be found but here! I was tempted to make my bread at home, but I was kind of intimidated by the subject. It was a practical and pleasant workshop, because I could relax while working, with my hands in flour, water and yeast. The biggest gain? Now I can quickly prepare bread at home! After the workshop, I decided to become the family baker. Definitely breaking the rhythm of my daily life style, that energized me!
    Daniela Ciocianu
  • For me, it was the most beautiful gift for March 8 that the company could offer! I know now where to start when I want to do my floral arrangement, where can I buy the materials, how to combine flowers and decorations. Now I know how to make an arrangement to beautify my house or that I can offer as a gift!
    Emilia Isculescu, Sales & Marketing Director, NOVAINTERMED
  • Atelierul de paine este in primul rand un curs unic pe care nu l-am regasit nicaieri! Ma tenta sa imi fac painea acasa, insa ma cam intimida subiectul. A fost un curs practic si placut, pentru ca m-am relaxat muncind, cu mainile in faina, apa si drojdie. Cel mai mare castig? Acum pot sa pregatesc rapid painea acasa! Dupa curs, am hotarat sa devin brutarul familiei. Cu siguranta o rupere de ritm fata de stilul meu zilnic de viata, care m-a incarcat de energie!
    Daniela Ciocianu, OTP Bank
Andreea Sas

theHobby vision

Here at TheHobby we know that passions are more than just a way of leisure. Through passion, we learn more about ourselves. We learn new things, which increases our confidence in our abilities and qualities. We exercise our curiosity and creativity, which helps us to find innovative solutions anywhere: at home, at the office, in the relationships with the others, not only during workshop. Practicing a hobby, we fight with routine and stress, which leads us to begin each new day with fully charged batteries, to be more productive and always see the world with new eyes.

Andreea Sas