The Expat Spouse Support Program

One of the big challenges of expatriate family life is that usually only one spouse arrives with a job.

For the spouse, a successful expatriate assignment is one in which she maintains self-esteem and a positive and supportive attitude in the family and towards his employed partner.

HR can do its part to ensure a positive outcome by meeting the spouse’s need for emotional support during the assignment. In nurturing the accompanying spouse, the sponsoring organization can nurture the benefits of a happy and adjusted family and a more effective expatriate employee.

Our Expat Spouse Support Program looks after the often overlooked trailing spouse, because his/her satisfaction has an important contribution to the retention and performance of the expat employee.

The Expat Spouse Support Program addresses the support needs of accompanying partner from transitioning to developing a happy expatriate life.

Our Program includes 5 sections:

My Career, My Self, My Family, My Inspiration and My Romania, with each section addressing the specific issues and needs that the accompanying partner is likely to be facing during expatriate life.

The research shows that the accompanying spouse’s satisfaction during an international relocation assignment is KEY to its success!

We invite you to take advantage of what we offer for a happier and more successful transition to expatriate life of your expat employees.

To learn more about how our programs can help you meet the needs and your objectives, please contact us.

The focus is on:

  • finding their feet in the new country and learning to deal with everyday challenges.
  • dealing with some of the common practical and cultural challenges.
  • building a solid foundation and a positive attitude for the expat family.
  • clarifying values, skills and strengths.
  • exploring work possibilities that the location presents.
  • defining the path to fulfillment and taking the first steps.