TheHobby Workshops

TheHobby is where people and passions come together and grow. Along with passionate lectors, at our workshops you learn to have more confidence in your talents and more courage to shed light on them. Join the over 3,000 enthusiasts who participated in our workshops!

“Creative You” Workshops

One of the biggest enemies of harmony and balance in the modern world, whether we refer to personal life or professional life, is routine, and the only way to combat it is to stimulate creativity. At every surprise attack from boredom or dislikes, we respond promptly with an unbeatable shield: vital energy and proactive spirit. And if you attack armed with lateral thinking, victory is all but assured!
Train your mind to always see the world with different eyes! Find each time new and unconventional solutions to your problems, at home or at the office! Creativity is a skill that can be practiced, and here at The Hobby, we have a wide range of courses to help you.
Have you ever think that in your hands and after a model designed by you, you could get a great multicolor mosaic? Would you like to paint on glass or ceramic, like the craftsmen you admire at fairs? Do you want to create your own jewelry? With Creative You workshops, everything is possible and creativity becomes your best friend and greatest ally!

“Upgrade Yourself” Workshops

We want to always have the best results. We want our efforts to be successful every time. We want to be the best in what we do. We know that the answer to all these desires is “yes, we can”! But how? Simple! The path to success passes through the station called “confidence”, the only way we, as husbands, wives, parents, colleagues and friends, we evolve. Self-esteem is built with every new thing we learn. As we develop more skills, the more we believe in ourselves, and how we believe more in ourselves, the more efficient, better and more appreciated we are!
Discover the theatrical techniques that will help you believe in yourself, learn the rules for a perfect speech, that will seduce any audience, learn what suits you best in terms of makeup, perfume, cosmetics and personal style! You’ll feel better about yourself, you will work harder, and the others will see and will appreciate you for what you are: a real person!

“Wellbeing” Workshops

We all want to find ourselves, to get or keep the wellbeing, that thing that makes us feel the benefits of inner balance and that helps us to be more understanding, more proactive and more efficient. How do you successfully conquer and defend the redoubt that’s wellbeing? Simple! At first glance, one might say it’s a real battle, but in reality, if we decide to put ourselves in the forefront and give us the pampering we deserve, the fight is as good as won! All you have to do is a single step: choose the way of attack. Here are some suggestions: Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yogalates, which is a blend between the harmony givenby Yoga and the specific dynamic of Pilates technique, HomeSPA, the spa at your home, or massage workshop. All these ways are equally effective and lead to the same destination: your complete wellbeing!