Creative and personal development workshops for your employees.

Would you like your employees to have more energy, productivity and enthusiasm? Would you like to create a working environment in which creativity to manifest more productive?

With a minimum of 40 hours per week spent in the office, employees dedicates a substantial amount of their time and energy to perform in all their duties.

These activities tend to bring a considerable mental and physical stress, resulting in a gradual decrease of morale and enthusiasm.

TheHobby courses are the concrete solution, efficient and simple to stimulate creativity and energy at work, while being a unique system of incentives and rewards for employees.

By creating an environment for employees where they can find and reconnect with their passions, you will:

  • improve performance by increasing productivity
  • reduce absenteeism and the costs related to it
  • increase commitment and motivation
  • create an attractive environment, full of energy that will allow attracting and keeping  the most talented and performing employees.

At TheHobby we work together with HR managers of our clients to create customized programs that deliver real benefits to the company.

We invite you to learn more about our creativity, personal development and well being workshops for motivated employees!

We are always available to discuss in detail your company’s requirements,

Andreea Sas


The benefits

employees involvement in such programs are:

increase productivity



Relational Communication

Nutrition intelligence

Extra Creativity

Personal Development

State of mind