Friday, February 13th , at ‘ TheHobby” premises over 40 people attended a new conference of AFB (Français Accueil et Francophone de Bucharest) to watch live news from the French journalist JONAS Mercier.
Introductory theme : National minorities , a force for Romania ?

On 16 November , the Romanians elected their new president. As a representative of the German minority, Klaus Johannis was strongly supported and won the elections in 2014.
What is the role of minorities in the Romanian society ? What are their influence in politics and how they are perceived by Romanians ? They are now twenty minorities to be officially recognized . Each has a representative in Parliament. Jonas Mercier provides an update on this essential aspect of Romanian society too often reduced to the problem of Roma minority in the French media .

Established in 2006 in Bucharest, Jonas Mercier is the correspondent of the French newspaper La Croix daily and the Brussels Le Soi. He also works regularly for Agence France Presse (AFP ) and collaborates with several French newspapers and magazines such as magazine Alternatives Internationales .