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Aromatherapy, meaning inexhaustible universe of flavors, it is not just a wonderful land where we can wander. It’s a miraculous solution, which naturally influences our lust of life, our wellbeing, and makes us prettier, and healthier. In addition, a pleasant smell has something of perfection and of the mystery of a poem, remainding us of the childhood long forgotten, of a beautiful holiday spent with loved ones, or of a person we feel close to our hearts. At aromatherapy workshop, we learn the natural essences and how it can make our life prettier, by creating our own perfume from natural essences. At aromatherapy workshop, we relearn to use our smell, we relearned to live!
Want to know how to anoint all gears of the business landscape in which you operate, for a total success? Come learn the properties and benefits of essential oils at the Aromatherapy workshop!



Aromatherapy course introduces us to a world of natural oils and essences, the most beneficial to our health and wellbeing, teaching us how to recognize and use them to solve concrete health problems: colds, infections, lack of energy, headaches, sleeping problems, and many other nagging difficulties that we are not aware of, that we ignored or that we didn’t know that can be naturally solve. These include disinfecting living spaceor children wounds, cleaning the air in thee rooms or offices where we spend long time, natural protection against mosquito or insect bites. Natural oils, these healthy aids, efficient and so fragrant, will always be at your disposal. Learn to enjoy the most of them!




What say theHobby learner.

  • It was the first time I ever participated in such workshops. Before, I never thought I could be an artist, but the workshop I attended changed my opinion about myself and encouraged me to continue to do what I've learned. Now, I know how to makevarious things, that beautifies and cheer my house, or I can offer it as gifts. I met new colleagues and we all felt that the time spent together, learning to do new things, was like a discharge, breaking the rhythm!
    Angela Popescu, PETROM
  • On behalf of my colleagues I would like to thank you for the beautiful and challenging activities prepared. We had a successful team building and I thank you for your cooperation!
    Alis Constantin
  • For me, it was the most beautiful gift for March 8 that the company could offer! I know now where to start when I want to do my floral arrangement, where can I buy the materials, how to combine flowers and decorations. Now I know how to make an arrangement to beautify my house or that I can offer as a gift!
    Emilia Isculescu, Sales & Marketing Director, NOVAINTERMED
Andreea Sas

theHobby vision

Here at TheHobby we know that passions are more than just a way of leisure. Through passion, we learn more about ourselves. We learn new things, which increases our confidence in our abilities and qualities. We exercise our curiosity and creativity, which helps us to find innovative solutions anywhere: at home, at the office, in the relationships with the others, not only during workshop. Practicing a hobby, we fight with routine and stress, which leads us to begin each new day with fully charged batteries, to be more productive and always see the world with new eyes.

Andreea Sas